Tackling poverty of LGBTI people in Brazil

Micro Rainbow International - Brazil projectIn 2012, there was little information available on the lived experiences of LGBT people in poverty in Brazil. We knew we’d have to dig deeper if we were to uncover a connection between poverty, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

In our report, LGBT people living in poverty in Rio de Janeiro, we indicate that when poverty is combined with multiple forms of discrimination, such as gender, race, class and, most importantly, sexual orientation or gender identity, it creates a reality of massive socioeconomic inequality and exclusion. Put simply: LGBT people pay a higher price to step out of poverty.

We have partnered with local organizations in Brazil to:

  • provide training in financial management and business planning,
  • train local employers on the barriers faced by LGBTI people,
  • facilitate training opportunities of LGBTI people in need of employment, and
  • change social attitudes around sexuality and gender within the local community.

If you would like to know more about our work with LGBTI people in poverty in Brazil, please see the relevant blog posts below, sign up to receive our quarterly e-bulletin or contact MRI’s Project Manager, Lucas Paoli Itaborahy

Country report

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